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We revolutionize the future of work.

WHATEVER.WORKS stands for a balanced work environment.

We represent a world where professional and personal lives exist in harmony, work doesn't make you sick, and social sustainability is a priority – where employees and their employers equally benefit from greater flexibility.

WHATEVER.WORKS stands for New Work.

We offer our employees a flexible, future-oriented work environment with room for creativity. Trust, empowerment, and passion drive us. Mistakes are accepted because we use them as learning opportunities.

WHATEVER.WORKS stands for new paths.

We are brimming with ideas and want to bring on board people who are eager to develop innovative solutions with us and act boldly, creatively, and with a hands-on mentality.

Your Benefits

  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from anywhere – remotely or on-site, and enjoy up to 40 days of workations per year!
  • Mobility – access to JobRad bike leasing, mobility budget of €100/month
  • Your (mental) health matters – access to a mental health platform, 10 coaching sessions per year!
  • Dogs welcome in our Freiburg office!
  • Freiburg rocks – cool office in central location, excellent office restaurant, extensive network through JobRad group!

Are you excited to revolutionize the world of work with us? Then apply now!

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